Frequently Asked Questions

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To register on Connect'App you need a bank account number, your SIRET number and your VAT number (if you have one).
For an optimal cooperation Microsoft and Connect'App need a lot of information. The registration may seem long, but this is to save time afterwards!
Your tenant hosts your users and your company's data. Only you and your users have access to it.
The legal representative is the person who validates important decisions in your organisation. As the purchase of licences is one of the important decisions, we need a legal representative to be designated to avoid any billing problems.
When your "tenant" is created at Microsoft, and you have confirmed that we are your provider. It may take a few days to finalise. Our team will keep you informed of its progress.
Write to us at "" from France or "" from Belgium.
This is the name you choose to identify your company or organisation in the Microsoft pro world. A "tenant" corresponds to a "parcel" in the Microsoft cloud that a professional customer rents to host its users, its configuration and its data. The "tenant name" should therefore be distinguished from the "domain name", which allows you to obtain an address for your little corner of the web.
Shared mailboxes eliminate the need to add users to copy or forward email chains. Members who have access to the shared mailbox can read and manage mail. The shared mailbox's exchange history is visible to all users who have access to it, so you avoid duplicates and missed messages.
The Microsoft 365 Business Basic and Office 365 Enterprise E1 packages. They only include Office Online applications.
It is impossible to "transform" a family license into a professional license. Buy the professional license that suits your needs, migrate your email and file data and then cancel your family license if you no longer need it.
You must download the data from your personal OneDrive to the pro one, the data that is not deleted or migrated is automatically deleted after 30 days
Sync OneDrive business or school with your computer - This allows you to establish a connection to OneDrive business or school on your local computer. Move your OneDrive files - Any files you place in your synced OneDrive business or school folder are automatically uploaded to the cloud as soon as you are online. You may have shared files with others in OneDrive. When you move these files to OneDrive Business or School, they are recognised as new files. Therefore, you can re-share some of these files.
The datacentres in France are located in Paris and Marseille.
Write to us at "" from France or "" from Belgium.